Personnel Directory

The seminary’s main number is (601) 366-8880. If you wish to speak to the front desk or are unsure which party to dial, please dial Ext. 101.

Grace HeadshotGrace Andrews
Assistant Librarian
Ext. 101


Jeff HeadshotRev. Jeff Bakos
Director of Admissions
Ext. 102


Steve HeadshotDr. Steve Blakemore
Professor of Christian Thought
Ext. 106


Rick Headshot

Dr. Rick Boyd
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Ext. 107


Gary Headshot

Dr. Gareth Cockerill
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Biblical Interpretation and Theology
Ext. 112


Stephen Fairchild
Graphic Designer


Matt Headshot

Dr. Matt Friedeman
Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship
Ext. 105


Leah Headshot

Leah Geyer
Student Development Director
Ext. 108


Becky Headshot

Dr. Becky Luman
Assistant Professor of Formation and Instruction, Director of Distance Learning
Ext. 104


Karl Headshot

Karl Luman
Registrar, Director of Financial Aid
Ext. 113


John Headshot

Dr. John Neihof
President, Professor of Pulpit Communication, Chair of the Faculty
Ext. 116


Rob Headshot

Rev. Rob Pocai 
Executive Vice President
Ext. 109


Peggy Headshot

Peggy Price
Director of Business Affairs
Ext. 110


Jane Stauble
Director of Library Services
Ext. 114

David Steveline
Assistant Director of Library Services
Ext. 114


Carey Headshot

Dr. Carey Vinzant
Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
Ext. 103