Academic Scholarships

WBS Scholarships are determined by cumulative GPA and class load (full-time or half-time). Students must take at least 4 credit hrs/semester to receive an academic scholarship. They are awarded as scholarship funds are available.

Fill out the WBS Academic Scholarship Application below to be considered for academic scholarships. Application is made annually at the beginning of the academic year. Priority is given for those applying before July 1 for the fall and before December 1 for those applying for the spring.

Academic Award Schedule (effective Spring 2014)

Full Time Students (8-12 Hours) GPA:
3.75-4 $1,200
3.5-3.74 $1,000
3.25-3.49 $800

Half Time Students (4-7 Hours) GPA:
3.75-4 $600
3.5-3.74 $500
3.25-3.49 $400

Academic Scholarship Application

The deadline for this application is July 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. You must reapply each semester that you are in school. There is no institutional aid for the summer semester. This form is intended for degree-seeking students only. Non-degree students (special students, auditors) are not eligible for federal or institutional financial aid. WBS institutional scholarship applicants must take a minimum of four (4) credits in any given semester to be eligible in that semester.
  • Please indicate the number of hours you have planned for the semester for which you are applying for aid. This will be used in conjunction with your GPA to determine the expected amount of scholarship aid for that semester. If you are uncertain how many credits you will be taking, indicate your best guess. Any change in the actual hours completed may cause an adjustment in the actual scholarship dollars applied to your account. Funds are distributed as available.