M.Div.: Tulsa Scholarship

Applicants for the WBS M.Div. in Tulsa scholarship must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Come in with (and maintain) a 3.0 GPA to keep the scholarship.
  2. Be fully accepted into the M.Div. program on the Tulsa campus before applying for the scholarship. (The application deadline is August 1 each year, but early application is encouraged in order to meet the scholarship deadline which is also August 1. You must have your acceptance letter in hand to apply for the scholarship, and your application may take as long as two weeks to get through the committee.)
  3. Completely apply for the scholarship by August 1 of the cohort year. Decisions will be made by the program start date.

OKWU Scholarship Form

  • Write 250-300 words on how this scholarship will help you further prepare for ministry.
  • By signing, I denote that I have been officially accepted to the Wesley Biblical Seminary M.Div. program at Oklahoma Wesleyan University's Tulsa, Oklahoma campus and meet the requirements to apply for this scholarship. I understand that I may or may not be chosen to receive this scholarship.