President’s Greeting

Dr. John Neihof

Howard Hendricks once said: “While the world is screaming for answers, the church is stuttering!” Wesley Biblical Seminary does not stutter. Instead, we issue a bold and resounding response to today’s questions based upon the authority of God’s Word, the Holy Bible.

Do you have biblical answers for today’s tough questions? Our postmodern culture cries out for trained communicators of the gospel who are passionate about proclaiming the transformational power of grace. God has called you to minister. Yours is a call to prepare for that ministry.

Online and on-campus, around the nation and around the world, WBS is providing a solid and balanced education to a diverse collection of committed students. We are a varied body united in Truth in a chaotic world.

I invite you to join us as we face the challenge of Christ’s call to make disciples!

Dr. John E. Neihof, Jr.

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