Teaching and Making Disciples

Administration & Faculty


Dr. Matt Ayars

President & Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Rev. Rob Pocai

Executive Vice-President

Dr. Chris Lohrstorfer

Vice President of Academic Affairs; Associate Professor of Wesleyan Theology

Elijah Friedeman

Associate Vice President of Enrollment


Dr. Matt Friedeman

John M. Case Chair of Evangelical Studies; Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship

Dr. Steve Blakemore

Professor of Christian Thought

Dr. Rick Boyd

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Dr. David Schreiner

Associate Dean & Associate Professor of Old Testament

Grace Andrews

Director of Library Services and Instructor

Dr. John Oswalt

Professor Emeritus of Old Testament

Dr. Gareth Cockerill

Professor Emeritus of New Testament & Biblical Theology

Dr. Bill Ury

Adjunct Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology

Dr. Don Little

Adjunct Professor of the Christian Study of Islam

Dr. Joy Moore

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Preaching

Dr. C.J. Rhodes II

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Administrative Staff

Karl L. Luman

Registrar & Director of Financial Aid

Annie Andrews

Assistant Director of Admissions

Peggy Price

Director of Business Affairs

Maribeth Gibson

Director of Development

Jeff Bakos

Associate Vice President of Enrollment