Certificate in Church Planting and Revitalization

The Certificate in Church Planting and Revitalization prepares pastors and lay people for church contexts in which a fresh approach is necessary. Church planters and pastors in dying churches will both gain a theological foundation and essential skills for cooperating with the Spirit to bring new life to a church.

This Certificate is for anyone who wants have the knowledge and practical insight to start a new church or revive a dying church. A part-time student can complete the Certificate in 4 semesters.

The entire program can be completed online, allowing you to participate in the program from anywhere in the world! All credits earned in the Certificate can be applied towards a Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree at WBS.

Required Classes

The Certificate in Church Planting and Revitalization contains 8 courses, totaling 24 credits, which cover the foundations of Christian theology and biblical interpretation, with a strong emphasis on practical skills for effective ministry.

Spiritual Formation
DS 505Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 3
Biblical and Theological Foundations
NT 531The Gospels 3
HT 520History of Christian Thought 3
PH 610Moral Theology and the Gospel3
Missions Concentration
MS 508Missionary Principles and Methods3
EV 605Evangelism3
EV 630Church Planting and Refocusing Churches3
HT 620The Church Planting Movement3

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