Students wishing to pursue the WBS M.Div. on the Oklahoma Wesleyan campus in Tulsa, OK must complete the form below before enrolling in classes.

Signing this form also confirms the following understanding:

Participating Institutions

  1. Wesley Biblical Seminary (WBS) is the institution providing the instruction and M.Div. degree.
    1. Address of WBS: 787 E Northside Dr, Jackson, MS, 39206
    2. Main Phone: (601) 366-8880
  2. Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU) is the institution where the instruction will be taking place.
    1. Address of OKWU: 10810 E 45th St, Tulsa, OK 74146
    2. Main Phone: (918) 728-6143

Degree Offered
The degree offered through this cooperative effort is the seventy-eight (78) hour Master of Divinity: General Ministry (M.Div.) (see degree page and current WBS academic catalog for degree details).

Program Logistics
Sixty-six (66) core hours of the 78 required hours for the WBS’ Master of Divinity: General Ministry degree will be offered at the Tulsa Campus of OKWU. Students can obtain the remaining twelve hours of the M.Div. degree through the following ways:

  1. They can take WBS online or on-campus courses.
  2. They can take biblical languages via WBS Zoom courses.
  3. They can take online OKWU master’s courses from either the OKWU Theology and Apologetics program or the OKWU leadership program.

The format for the 66 core hours will be hybrid; every course will require on-campus classroom hours at OKWU’s Tulsa campus during the first week of class, followed by subsequent interaction online via Zoom in the following weeks.

The degree assumes four (4) years of cohort classes in three (3) terms per year.

Program Cost

$38,610 ($495/credit hour x 78 credit hours)

$40 application fee
$150/term technology fee ($150/term x 12 terms = $1,800/degree)
$150 graduation fee

$80.00/class (This amount may vary, but students should be prepared to spend approximately $80/class for their required textbooks.)

Transfer of Credits
WBS is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). All ATS schools (click here for a list) will accept WBS credits. However, there is no guarantee that other institutions will accept WBS credits. It is entirely the decision of the receiving institution.