A Snapshot:

  • 50 credits (approximately 2-3 years)
  • Available on campus and online
  • Emphasizes contemporary articulation of the Christian faith in critical dialogue with non-Christians

The MA Apologetics equips students to make a defense for the Christian faith among philosophical worldviews that are opposed to the biblical witness. Students will graduate from the program with a deep, historic grasp of the Christian faith and the ability to clearly articulate a compelling case for Christianity.

This degree is for anyone who wants the ability to think critically about philosophical claims, create defenses for Christianity, and interact with people from a wide variety of backgrounds for the sake of the gospel.

The entire program can be completed online, allowing you to participate in the program from anywhere in the world.

Required Courses

The MA Apologetics contains 50 credits focused on expanding the student’s apologetic insight and ability. The degree is heavily weighted towards a focus on apologetics, but allows the student the opportunity to grow in related disciplines such as biblical study and theological reflection.

Biblical Studies9
OT 516Old Testament History and Interpretation3
NT 512New Testament History and Interpretation3
NT 531Interpreting the Gospels3
Theological Studies 12
BT 501Biblical Theology3
HT 520History of Christian Thought 3
ST 604Christ, Revelation, God, and Humanity3
ST 605Salvation, Holy Spirit, Church, and Last Things3
Apologetics Concentration24
AP 501Foundations of Apologetics3
PH 504Philosophy of the Christian Religion3
PH 610Moral Theology and the Gospel3
HT 609Comparative Religious Traditions3
AP 720Christian Faith and Science3
General Apologetics Electives6
AP 750Apologetics Qualifying Thesis/Project3
Formational Studies3
DS 505Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 3
General Electives2

For detailed program information, please see the academic catalog.

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