MA Biblical Literature

A Snapshot:

  • 50 credit hours (approx. 2-3 years)
  • Available on campus and online
  • Emphasizes biblical scholarship, including proficiency in both Greek and Hebrew and extensive coursework in biblical content

The MA Biblical Literature equips students with a comprehensive understanding of Scripture in English, Hebrew, and Greek. Students will graduate from the program with the ability to interpret Scripture, understand the biblical context, and apply Scripture to their current context.

This degree is for anyone who wants to have a deep understanding of Scripture and how it relates to the broader Christian faith.

The entire program can be completed online, allowing you to participate in the program from anywhere in the world.

Required Courses

The MA Biblical Literature contains 50 credits focused on expanding the student’s biblical understanding. Students are also given the chance to grow in related theological disciplines and ministry skills.

Biblical Studies29
BT 500The Bible's Authority and Interpretation2
BT 600Fundamentals of Biblical Theology3
OT 501Elementary Hebrew I3
OT 502Elementary Hebrew II3
OT 516Old Testament History and Interpretation3
OT 620-623OT Inductive Bible Study3
NT 512New Testament History and Interpretation3
NT 521Greek Reading and Syntax3
Biblical Studies Electives6
Theological Studies 6
ST 504Christ, Revelation, God, and Humanity3
ST 505Salvation, Holy Spirit, Church, and Last Things3
Philosophical Studies3
AP 500Approaches to Apologetics3
AP(MS) 601 Apologetics in Cultural Change3
Formational Studies3
DS 505Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 3
Ministry Studies4
EV 605Evangelism3
RS 778Summative Evaluation1
General Electives5

For detailed program information, please see the academic catalog.

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