M.Div. Teaching

A Snapshot:

  • 85 credit hours (approx. 3-4 years)
  • Available on campus and online
  • Focuses on preparing students for teaching in a biblical and theological context with attention given to both the process of teaching and the biblical subject matter

The MDiv Teaching equips students with a comprehensive understanding of Scripture, a solid grounding in theology, and the teaching skills necessary for successful ministry. Students will graduate from the program with the ability to communicate biblical and theological truths in their ministry context.

The entire program can be completed online, allowing you to participate in the program from anywhere in the world.

Required Courses

The MDiv Teaching contains 85 credits focused on developing biblical and theological understanding, equipping with biblical study tools, and training for real-world teaching application. Students are also given the chance to grow in related theological disciplines and ministry skills.

Biblical Studies18 credits
OT 516Old Testament History and Interpretation3
OT 620-623Old Testament Inductive Bible Study3
NT 516New Testament History and Interpretation3
NT 531The Gospels3
Track 1: Hebrew
OT 651Intermediate Hebrew Grammar3
OT 731-734Old Testament Exegesis3
Track 2: Greek
NT 521Greek Reading and Syntax3
NT 642The Epistles with Greek3
Track 3: English
OT 620-623Old Testament Inductive Bible3
NT 535, 615, or 622New Testament Inductive Bible Study3
Theological Studies 18 credits
BT 501Biblical Theology3
ST 604Christ, Revelation, God, and Humanity3
ST 605Salvation, Holy Spirit, Church, and Last Things3
ST 519Theology of John Wesley3
HT 520History of Christian Thought 3
BT 610Biblical Basis of Christian Holiness3
Philosophical Studies6 credits
PH 610Moral Theology and the Gospel3
AP 501Foundations of Apologetics3
Formational Studies6 credits
DS 505Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 3
DS 515Discipleship in the Home3
Teaching/Ministry Studies30 credits
DS 520The Discipling Church3
EV 605Evangelism3
TE 605Learning Styles & Taxonomies3
TE 610Course Design and Evaluation3
TE 715Teaching Lab3
TE 720Practice Teaching3
Advanced Teaching CognateFour Related Courses12
General Electives9 credits

For detailed program information, please see the academic catalog.

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