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Military Benefits Policies

VA Policy for Returning Funds

If a veteran drops a course or courses within the first two weeks of a term, all funds will be returned to the VA. The Institution has a policy for returning any unearned funds, whether a veteran withdraws from some or all his/her courses. When he/she withdraws after the add/drop period of the institution, the SCO will amend or adjust the his/her hours and benefits in VA Once. At that point, the VA will contact him/her and the SCO, confirming the changes. The veteran is responsible to pay back any funds required by the VA and the institution is also required to pay back funds not used. However, the institution will be paid for the time period the veteran attended his/her course(s). The veteran is then responsible to pay the remaining balance of the tuition cost that was not covered by the VA, after the add/drop period, according to the school’s policy. A summarization of VA policy concerning debts and overpayments:

Debts and Overpayments

A debt is established on a school when:

  • The student never attended any classes for which he or she was certified regardless of the reason for non-attendance
  • The student completely withdraws on or before the first day of the term (FDOT)
  • The school received payment for the wrong student
  • The school received a duplicate payment
  • The school submitted an amended enrollment certification, or an Amendment in VA-ONCE, and reported reduced tuition and fee charges, reduced Yellow Ribbon amount, or reduced both
  • The student died during the term, or before start of the term
  • VA issued payment above the amount certified on the enrollment certification that was used to process the payment (VA data entry error)

A debt is established on the student for Tuition/Fees/Yellow Ribbon when:

  • The student withdraws after the first day of the term (beyond the add/drop period – WBS)
  • The student reduces hours whether the reduction occurred before or during the term
  • The school submitted a change in enrollment (on VA Form 22-1999b, or an Adjustment through VA-ONCE) and reported a reduction in tuition, fees, and/or Yellow Ribbon due to student action reducing or terminating training
  • If a student drops a course and adds a course so that there is no net change in training time, any change to tuition, fees, and/or Yellow Ribbon is a student debt

(If the student has paid any tuition and/or fees out of pocket to WBS), the school must refund tuition and fee payments to students in accordance with their established refund policies so that the students can resolve any overpayments.

Active Duty & Reserve Benefits

Active-Duty Military, National Guard, and Reservists members receiving Tuition Assistance: If a military student withdraws from all courses on or before the 60% point in time of the period of enrollment, calculated using calendar days, a portion of the total of TA funds awarded a student must be returned, according to the provisions of the Change 3, DoDI 1322.25 (July 07, 2014). The calculation of the return of these funds may result in the student owing a balance to the seminary and/or the DoD. In turn, Wesley Biblical Seminary will return all the TA funds that were unused within the first two weeks of the semester, the add/drop period, when the student drops a course or courses. You may also refer to the academic catalog for VA policies.

This pro rata policy chart is based on the 15 week Fall/Spring terms and the 12 week Summer term:

15 Week Term:

  • Before and during weeks 1-2: 100%
  • Weeks 3-4: 75%
  • Weeks 5-7: 50%
  • Weeks 8-9: 40%
  • Weeks 10-15: NO Return

12 Week Term:

  • Before and during weeks 1-2: 100%
  • Weeks 3-4: 75%
  • Weeks 5-6: 40%
  • Weeks 7-12: NO Return.



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