BT 610 to be Offered at Indiana Extension

As Christ-followers, we aren’t supposed to blend into the darkness. We have the light of Christ in us. So why do so many Christians live cheap, joyless, sin-dominated lives?

WBS Indiana MailerBT 610 The Biblical Basis for Christian Holiness provides fresh insight into God’s provision for His people to live godly, Spirit-filled lives. The course dynamically traces this vital subject through each part of the biblical canon, allowing the entirety of Scripture to reveal the fullness of God’s design for the lives of His people.

As students interact with Scripture, they will encounter God intimately and be challenged to reflect His character more fully. In addition, they will be inspired to communicate with others God’s ability to transform our lives beyond what we ever thought possible.

This class is offered in a convenient weekend format at Southland Community Church in Greenwood, Indiana. Class will meet Friday evenings 6:30-9:20 and Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on three weekends, Feb 10-11, March 10-11, April 21-22. Students are welcome to take this course as part of a graduate degree program at Wesley Biblical Seminary or as a non-degree student. It is open to all who are interested–pastors, ministers, and lay people.

For more information and instructions on how to register, please contact Jeff Bakos, Admissions Director, at or submit an info request.

Apply as a degree-seeking student (take the class as part of a degree)

Apply as a non-degree student (take the class on its own)

Note: BT 610 fulfills an ordination requirement for both the Wesleyan and Free Methodist Churches. The course, however, is applicable to all Christians in all denominations.


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