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Discipleship in the Home

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If you are a parent, God has called you to not only raise your children but to disciple them to be passionate followers of Jesus and world-changers for God’s Kingdom. But in the middle of the chaos of raising a family, how do you do that?

This 5-part course will equip you with the basic principles and tools to start changing your family today–and change your kids for eternity.

You will learn how to:

  • Create an actionable plan to produce godly, successful kids
  • Build the right family habits for lifelong spiritual growth
  • Massively increase the likelihood that your child will be a devoted follower of Jesus as a young adult
  • Become the type of parent that God envisions in the Bible
  • Lead your family in prayer

What are you waiting for? With just a few (and free) brief lessons you can learn what you need to change your family’s future.

About the Professor

Dr. Matt Friedeman brings a multi-faceted ministry to his teaching at Wesley. He has authored books on evangelism, discipleship, and methods of Bible study. He has written a regular newspaper column and been a talk-show host on American Family Radio. His most recent book is Swallowed Up in God: the Best of Francis Asbury’s Journal and Letters (Teleios Press, 2014). Dr. Friedeman regularly leads students in various types of outreach, such as prison ministry and ministry to the unborn. Matt is an ordained Nazarene minister who serves as the founding pastor of Day Spring Community Church in Clinton, Mississippi. He and his wife, Mary, have six children. WBS faculty since 1987.

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