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Understanding the Psalms

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Psalms has been one of the most treasured biblical books for generations of Christians. But how well do you actually understand the structure and content of Psalms?

In this open course, you will learn the literary, historical, and theological overview of the book of Psalms. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to read Psalms as a book and how the various themes relate to one another.

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About the Professor

Dr. Matt Ayars is the president of Wesley Biblical Seminary. He previously served for 13 years at Emmaus University in Haiti as a professor, vice president, and for the final eight years as president. He earned his MA in Biblical Literature from WBS and earned his PhD in Old Testament Studies from St. Johns College of Nottingham. His dissertation focused on linguistic discourse analysis of Hebrew poetry in the Psalms. Dr. Ayars and his wife, Stacey, have four children.