Spring 2022

Theology of the Body + Public Theology

This January, WBS is offering two courses that will prepare you to engage with the political and public world from a biblical and Wesleyan position.

Wesleyan Public Theology will be taught by Dr. Ryan Danker and Dr. Joy Moore. Wesleyan Theology of the Body will be taught by Dr. Tim Tennent. 

Other presenters/participants during the week include Dr. Matt Ayars, Dr. Andy Miller, Dr. Matt Friedeman, Rev. Rudy Bropleh, Rev. Eugene Rivers.

The courses can be taken for credit or taken as an audit. These courses are available on-site in Washington, DC, or live via Zoom. Recordings of each lecture will be made available to all participants.

Cost per credit


Cost to Audit both courses


Session Dates

Jan 17-21

Dr. Timothy C. Tennent

Dr. Tennent is the president of Asbury Theological Seminary. An ordained United Methodist elder, he is an expert in world missions. Dr. Tennet is also the author of For the Body: Recovering a Theology of Gender, Sexuality, and the Human Body.

Dr. Tennent will be teaching Wesleyan Theology of the Body.

Dr. Ryan Danker

Dr. Danker is a scholar of John and Charles Wesley and the Evangelical Revival. He is the author of Wesleyan the Angelicans: Political Division in Early Evangelicalism and the editor of Exploring a Wesleyan Political Theology

Dr. Danker will be co-teaching Wesleyan Public Theology.

Dr. Joy Moore

Dr. Moore is professor of biblical preaching at Luther Seminary. She is ordained in the United Methodist Church and has a background in a wide variety of ministry contexts.

Dr. Moore will be co-teaching Wesleyan Theology of the Body.

Wesleyan Theology of the Body

This one-credit course looks at what it means to be created in the image of God and how our bodies serve as icons that illuminate God’s purposes. Topics include marriage, family, singleness, and friendship, and how the human body has been objectified in art and media today. It also offers a framework for discipling people today in a Christian theology of the body.

Explores the contours of a robust Christian vision of the body and human sexuality and the variety of different ways we are called into relationships with others. It is a theological vision that informs our self-understanding, how we treat others, and how we engage today’s controversial and difficult discussions on human sexuality with grace, wisdom, and confidence.

Wesleyan Public Theology

This one-credit hour course will explore the historical, political, and biblical foundations of a Wesleyan approach to the public square with particular attention to the social repercussions of a Wesleyan theology of transformational grace. By studying the historical context of Wesleyanism, the student will be equipped to formulate a contemporary and contextual Wesleyan political theology. In addition to history and theology, the course will include an analysis of biblical texts on public engagement as seen through the lens of Wesleyan biblical interpretation. The course is designed to assist the student to be thoughtfully engaged in the world informed by the riches of the Wesleyan tradition.

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