Doctor of Ministry Student Spotlight: Jeff Lawrence

Rev. Jeff Lawrence is in his second year of The John Case Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership for Transformational Ministry. He shared with us about his experience with the D.Min. program and its impact on his life and ministry.

Jeff Lawrence 2What is your background?

I am a fourth generation Methodist. I attended a small rural UMC in Northeast Mississippi growing up.

I surrendered to the call to ministry in the spring of 2000. Later that summer my wife Michelle and I moved our family to Wilmore, Kentucky. After three years at Asbury, we moved back to Mississippi and started serving in the local church, Bethlehem United Methodist Church. We are still currently serving at that church thirteen years later.

How did you hear about Wesley Biblical Seminary and the John Case D.Min.?

About four years ago, I received a brochure in the mail from WBS introducing the John Case Doctorate of Ministry degree. It caught my attention because I have a passion for leadership and preaching. I knew of Dr. John Case through the Mississippi Annual Conference and his name carried a lot of integrity and weight. I shared with my wife the nudge I was feeling about applying for the program and she shared in my vision.

How has the program helped you in the first year?

My first year at WBS has been a wonderful boost both academically and spiritually in my life and in the church I am serving. I have not only become a better leader, preacher and theologian; I have become closer to Jesus. And that is what it is all about, right? The biblical teaching combined with the Wesleyan theological influence has given me a much needed revival in my life. In addition, I now have a support group that I did not have previous to WBS. It has been refreshing and encouraging to pray with and work with people that are in one accord.

I am able to bring back the things I have learned and the tools to implement leadership and spiritual formation in the local church. Many of the leaders in the church have told me, “Your preaching is more effective and transforming than ever before.”

I am proud to be a student at WBS, and I look forward to continuing learning, growing and serving the people that God has placed in my care.

Would you recommend the Dr. John Case D.Min. to others?

Ask yourself these questions: Do I want to become a better preacher? Do I want to become a leader that will impact the Kingdom of God? Do I want to stand on the principles taught by the Holy Bible? Do I want to learn more? Do I want to become closer to Jesus? If you answer yes to these questions, WBS is for you.

Click here to learn more about the The John Case Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership for Transformational Ministry.

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