Participants in the Graduate Certificate in Islam and Ministry to Muslims will gain an in-depth understanding of Islamic history and religion and be equipped to disciple and engage with Muslims.

This certificate is for anyone who wants to understand Islam and be prepared to interact with Muslims for the sake of the gospel. A part-time student could complete the Certificate in 4 semesters.

All classes are offered online, allowing you to participate in the program from anywhere in the world!

Certificate Overview

The Certificate includes 8 classes, totaling 24 credits, which cover the foundations of Islamic and Christian thought, discipleship and spiritual formation methods, and tools for understanding Scripture.

The courses are offered through WBS in partnership with the Lilias Trotter Center. All credits earned in the Certificate can be applied towards a Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree at WBS.

Certificate Classes

1. Introduction to Islamic Foundations. Provides an overview of the Qur’an’s teachings and the life of Muhammad.

2. History of Islam. Surveys the development of Islam from 632 AD to present.

3. Christian Engagement with Muslims. Investigates historical and contemporary Christian approaches to Muslims.

4. Discipling and Planting Churches in Muslim Communities. Studies principles for fruitful discipling and church planting among Muslims.

5. The Gospels. Develops an effective and comprehensive method of studying Scripture for life and ministry.

6. Philosophy of Christian Religion. Explores the philosophical presuppositions undergirding Christian theology.

7. History of Christian Thought. Traces the history of Christianity and the development of Christian doctrine.

8. Discipleship and Spiritual Formation. Examines the means of grace necessary for a dynamic Christian life and methods for discipleship in the local church.

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