2021 Chamberlain Holiness Lectures

2021 Chamberlain Holiness Lectures: “Toward a Wesleyan Political Theology”

The 2021 Chamberlain Holiness Lectures will feature Dr. Ryan Danker, author of Wesley and the Anglicans. The theme of the lectures is “Toward a Wesleyan Political Theology.”

In our highly charged political environment, our theology must shape how we approach both political issues and political opponents. Across three lectures, Dr. Danker will outline Wesley’s political context, approach to politics, and a broader Wesleyan theology.

The three lectures will occur November 8-10, at 6:30pm each day.

  • November 8: “Haunted by a Beheaded King: Politics in the Eighteenth Century”
  • November 9: “Soft-Hearted Tory: John Wesley’s Politics”
  • November 10: “Being the Church in Public: Toward a Wesleyan Political Theology”

The lectures are free and available on the WBS campus or online. Click the button below to register.

Dr. Ryan Danker is a scholar of John and Charles Wesley, the Church of England, and the Evangelical Revival. He is the President of the Charles Wesley Society, and Assistant Editor of Firebrand Magazine. He has degrees from Northwest Nazarene University, Duke University, and Boston University and has served on the faculties of Greensboro College and Wesley Theological Seminary. He is the author of Wesley and the Anglicans: Political Division in Early Evangelicalism and the editor of Exploring a Wesleyan Political Theology.