A Lesson in Holy Boldness

WBS Alumnus Rev. Ghuna Kumar (MA, ’92) recently stopped by Wesley Biblical Seminary’s Jackson campus while on his US tour. He preached at area churches and shared about the work God is doing in his home country, India.

Ghuna Kumar (MA, ’92)

Below, Dr. Friedeman relates a story about Ghuna Kumar’s student days and the lesson he learned from our bold Indian brother. Learn more about Ghuna Kumar and his multi-faceted ministry, Gospel Friends, by emailing Ghuna at ghunarc@gmail.com or by visiting Gospel Friends’ Facebook page.

by Dr. Matt Friedeman

I once invited a former student to speak in my church. His name was Ghuna, he was from India, and at the end of the service I asked him to help me pray with a visitor. “David (not his real name) here has separated from his wife,” I said. “He’s moved here to Mississippi and she is in Texas. You want to help us pray?”

At that point, I was no longer needed in the conversation. My friend Ghuna took over. “Where is she?” he asked. “Texas. Texas is a couple states over.”

“Yes,” said Ghuna, “I know where Texas is. I want to talk to her.”

“But you can’t, I just told you she is in Texas.” Ghuna pointed to David’s phone. By this time I was inching away, slightly embarrassed over such brash treatment of a visitor but not quite knowing what to do.

David seemed incredulous, but reluctantly called his wife Debbie (not her real name) and explained that a little Indian man wanted to speak to her. Ghuna took the phone and asked Debbie to tell him the problem with the marriage. All David and I could see was Ghuna thoughtfully nodding and murmuring assents. Ghuna told her good-bye, handed the phone back to David, looked him straight in the eye and said, “It’s your fault!”

Before David could protest, Ghuna continued, “I leave on Thursday. I want to meet with you two before then.” David raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “She is in Texas.” He began his geography lesson once again but Ghuna interrupted. “I know…find a place in Louisiana and we will meet.”

Long story short—Ghuna counseled with David and Debbie in a restaurant in Louisiana. Their marriage was reconciled. And that week the student taught the professor about holy leading by the Spirit, holy boldness, and holy confrontation.

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