WBS Reduces Tuition for Students

June 09, 2022




As many Americans face increased financial pressure from inflation and rising costs, Wesley Biblical Seminary is lowering tuition for its students.

“We believe in our students and the sacrifices they are making to prepare for God’s calling on their lives,” said Dr. Matt Ayars, president of WBS. “We want to do everything we can to reduce financial stress in their lives and keep seminary affordable.”

Tuition for master’s programs has been reduced from $545 to $500, more than an 8% reduction. Tuition for the Doctor of Ministry has been lowered almost 16%, from $595 to $500. WBS recently announced lower tuition for the Bachelor of Arts in Christian ministry–only $300 a month.

The tuition reduction comes as the price of gas has reached record highs and inflation has been above 8%, a 40-year high in the US.

“Most students in grad school are getting a degree to increase their earning potential, but students don’t come to seminary to earn more money,” said Elijah Friedeman, vice president of enrollment. “We want to honor our students’ commitment to ministry by reducing costs whenever possible.”

WBS has been on a consistent growth trend for five years. Across the past year, the seminary has experienced record enrollment and is on track to continue that trend this fall. In addition to the strong enrollment, increased giving and donor engagement has put WBS in a strong financial position to serve students.

“WBS has been blessed with very generous donors whose consistent giving enables us to make a move like this,” Ayars said. “We appreciate the sacrificial giving from hundreds of donors that enables WBS to be effective in its mission to develop trusted leaders for faithful churches.”

Know a student who could benefit from reduced tuition at WBS? Refer them here!

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