Adely Charles

Adely Charles, DWA

Adjunct Professor of Worship Arts


Dr. Adely Charles is a first-generation Salvationist from Haiti (born in Montreal, Canada) whose passion is the discipleship and mentorship of musicians and local music and creative arts leaders within the Salvation Army Church. He’s married to his soulmate of 13 years Maggie Charles and has two sons, Christian (11) and Josiah (9). Dr. Charles is passionate about worship leading and desires to encourage, empower and help God’s image bearers embrace this divine purpose as individuals and leaders. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his family, fishing, writing, arranging and playing music. Dr. Charles received a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in classical guitar performance, a Master of Arts in Biblical studies and a doctorate in Worship Studies at Liberty University.


  • D.W.A., Liberty University