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A Wesleyan Response to Calvinism

Wesley Biblical Seminary is offering a course this January for auditors entitled “A Wesleyan Response to Calvinism.” This course will include professors from WBS and other institutions speaking on key topics within the debate between the Wesleyan-Arminian and Calvinist positions.

The lectures will address a wide range of biblical texts and theological positions, as well as historical issues dealt with in Wesley’s debate with Calvinism.

The course lectures will be live January 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, and 14, from 6-9 p.m. CST. Participants in the course can watch the lectures live or watch the recordings of all lectures.

This course will deepen your understanding of God’s character, the Bible’s teaching, and historical theological debates. You will complete this course with a firm grasp of the Wesleyan understanding of grace, election, and salvation.

2 Weeks

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Jan 4–14


The six lessons will survey the philosophical and theological foundations of classical and neo-Calvinism while providing a theological response from a Wesleyan-Arminian perspective. The history of Calvinistic debate with Arminius as well as John Wesley will be discussed. Key biblical proof texts will be examined.

Lecture 1: Introduction—Importance and Implications of the Discussion

Lecture 2: Distinctions in Branches of Calvinism, Arminius, and the Remonstrants

Lecture 3: Wesley and Calvinism

Lecture 4: The Doctrine of Grace in both Calvinism and Arminianism

Lecture 5: The Appeal of Neo-Calvinism and an Arminian Response

Lecture 6: Response to TULIP and Conclusions and Questions

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