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When you have received notification of your acceptance to WBS, please contact the registrar to register for your courses. After your first semester, you will be assigned an advisor who will guide you with your degree requirements and unlock your registration in Populi so you can register each new semester during the registration period. (Please consult the academic calendar.)

Some things to keep in mind while registering:

Register for Residency Requirements
Online students should plan out their academic journey ahead of time to allow for on-campus intensives/other on-campus classes. See Online Learning for more details.

Register for Discipleship Groups
All students are encouraged (but not required) to sign up for weekly discipleship groups (See Spiritual Formation for details on how these will encourage you during your time in seminary). These groups can be on campus or online. The student will be given an opportunity after the first couple weeks of class each semester to choose a mode and mentor by the director of discipleship groups. Register with the proper semester’s group and check with the registrar if you have questions.

Get the Right Books!
The required books will be listed with your chosen courses. Directions will be provided in our student record platform and from the registrar’s office.

Students can order their books from any source they choose. It’s far less stressful to order them immediately than to wait until the week before class begins. When ordering, please use the correct ISBN #, title, and author to ensure you get the right books.

We do not help students purchase or borrow books. Not all textbooks are available in the library. Those that are are usually on reserve and can be read in the library during couple-hour time slots. Again, students are responsible for procuring their own textbooks.