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  by Dr. David Schreiner I recently came across a 2006 publication by the Barna Research Group: “The Concept of Holiness Baffles Most Americans.” [1] As you can see, it’s right down the alley of WBS. Moreover, it strikes a chord with me. As a 30-something, I am continually puzzled by where “holiness” sits in...
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  by Dr. Becky Luman In my prison Bible study, I am finishing a ten-week series on Psalms called “Heart Songs.” Every mood of the God-seeker can be found in the 150 song-poems in this, the Bible’s largest book. Depressed? There are psalms about that. Exuberant about God’s deliverance? There are psalms about that. Desperate?...
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  by Dr. David B. Schreiner When Cyrus the Great rode into Babylon on October 30, 539 BCE, he ended the Neo-Babylonian Empire and solidified the foundation for one of the largest empires the world has ever known. For God’s people, Persia meant the end of the Exile and the inauguration of a new dispensation....
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Check out the 2017 Compass! Included in this edition are: some highlights from Commencement and the 2017 Graduate and Alumni Banquet, testimonies from some of our grads, details on our cooperative efforts with Oklahoma Wesleyan University (along with a look at our alumni who serve at OKWU), faculty articles addressing the important question, “Why Seminary?...
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  by Dr. David Schreiner   Why read anything but the Bible? I recently finished teaching OT 516 this spring. OT 516 is WBS’s introductory course to the Old Testament, and it focuses on issues of history and interpretation. There is a lot of reading involved, including primary texts of the ancient Near East. Alongside readings...
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WBS is excited to announce that Dr. David Schreiner is transitioning from adjunct professor to Assistant Professor of Old Testament. Dr. David Schreiner obtained his bachelor’s from Indiana Wesleyan University and his Master’s and Ph.D. from Asbury Theological Seminary. He has published on a variety of subjects, including biblical archaeology, the history of biblical interpretation,...
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This summer, Wesley Biblical Seminary is offering an intensive course on Biblical Archaeology at its Greenwood, IN extension site. Building from a proper understanding of the term “Biblical Archaeology,” this course will introduce students to the basics of archaeology, archaeology in Syria-Palestine, and its most important results for Biblical Studies. The course will be taught...
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  by Dr. Rick Boyd   It’s all Greek to me! Biblical Greek as Accessible Greek Back in the nineteenth-century, the common belief regarding the original language of the New Testament (NT) held that the Greek found in the NT was a unique type of language, a ‘Holy Ghost Greek’ dissimilar from any other writings...
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From Rev. Walter Hedstrom: “Dr. Gary Cockerill recently arrived from a 31-hour flight from a foreign mission trip, and he is looking forward to sharing with us Saturday, How to Teach and Preach Holiness from the Old Testament. These sessions are for teachers, pastors and laymen who wish to learn more about how Old Testament...
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  by Dr. Becky Luman At WBS, we provide discipleship groups to give students the spiritual support and prayer needed for the stressful seminary journey. Each student knows he or she has classmates and a faculty member praying for him or her. I work mostly with our distance students who engage with us online. Each...
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MDiv programs

The MDiv degree can be taken in one of four programs:

Ministry (78 hours)

Chaplaincy (78 hours)

Ministry with a Biblical languages emphasis (86 hours)

Teaching (87 hours)

Honors Research (87 hours)