WBS Announces New Certificate Programs for Ministry Leaders and Laity

Wesley Biblical Seminary is launching 6 new Certificate Programs in the fall semester. The 24-credit programs have been designed for ministry leaders and lay people who want deeper biblical, theological, and ministry training but are unable to pursue a full Master of Arts or Master of Divinity.

“These Certificate Programs give students the flexibility and robust education they need to quickly gain a foundation for effective ministry,” said Dr. Chris Lohrstorfer, vice president for academic affairs at Wesley Biblical Seminary. “All of these Certificates can be completed fully online and in as little as one year.”

The Certificate Programs share a set of core classes that give students a thorough introduction to studying Scripture, understanding theology, exploring Christian philosophy, and discipling others. Students then have the chance to pursue their specific interests through a variety of concentrations, such as apologetics, discipleship, or church planting and revitalization.

Each Certificate can be taken completely online, giving students incredible flexibility to remain in ministry while gaining new ministry skills. Students who take classes part-time can complete the entire program in only four semesters. Full-time students can complete the program in as little as two semesters.

All of the credits earned in the Certificate Programs can be directly applied to the MA and MDiv programs at Wesley Biblical Seminary.

“These Certificate Programs do not replace our MA and MDiv programs, but they make seminary available to men and women who might not have the time or need for a full degree,” Lohrstorfer said. “We are excited about the opportunity students have to be quickly and effectively equipped for their specific ministry contexts.”

Explore the full list of Certificate Program offerings at Wesley Biblical Seminary:

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MDiv programs

The MDiv degree can be taken in one of four programs:

Ministry (78 hours)

Chaplaincy (78 hours)

Ministry with a Biblical languages emphasis (86 hours)

Teaching (87 hours)

Honors Research (87 hours)