Student Life

Wesley Biblical Seminary knows that the best learning happens in community. Whether you’re online, on-campus, or both, we want you to know that you are a member of a supportive seminary community that prays for one another, holds each other accountable, and does ministry together.

Spiritual Formation

Discipleship Groups
Both online and on-campus students enjoy a weekly discipleship group with a faculty member either on our Jackson campus or through some means of “meeting” online (e.g. Skype). Scripture, life sharing, and prayer are central to each group.
Each M.Div. student must complete six semesters of discipleship groups. M.A. students must have at least four semesters. These are not for credit, but they are vital to binding together our community in holy love and unity of focus.

Students are invited to join faculty, staff, and administration at chapel on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. As our campus community’s needs change and classes shift more toward the evenings and weekends, this element of our spiritual life together will not disappear, but it may evolve into something which allows for more people to attend.

Jackson, Mississippi is an excellent place to get involved in urban ministries. Opportunities abound for on-campus students to get involved in ministries to the homeless, imprisoned, addicted, abortion-minded, and any other number of mission fields.

Jackson Campus

Campus Safety
Visit this link to view the Federal Institute of Education Sciences (IES) report for WBS.

Campus Accessibility
Wesley Biblical Seminary is committed to making campus as accessible as possible for individuals with disabilities. Every reasonable and appropriate effort will be made to ensure that people who meet the academic and technical standards required for admission will be able to participate in all programs and services, regardless of disability. Our downstairs entrance, classroom, library, kitchen, and restroom facilities are accessible. Individuals with disabilities are entitled to reasonable and appropriate accommodations to make sure that they are receiving equal access to education. All students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the school, tutoring, therapy, personal aides, and all activities outside those directly pertaining to seminary classes and functions.

It is the privilege of any disabled student to contact the Dean of Students’ office to advise the Dean of any special needs for support or service requisite for participation in the WBS classroom and community. The Dean will respond by written contract to the student outlining provisions for help. Upon satisfactory agreement, the student and Dean shall sign and file the contract with the business office, the faculty advisor, and the Dean of Students and Academic Dean’s office.

In the event of a failure to provide promised services, the student may file a grievance according to the Seminary policy.

In the event a satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated, the president shall appoint a committee to work on a contract that satisfies the request.

In the event that Wesley Biblical Seminary is unable to provide requested services, a letter of explanation will be written within 5 working days, and mailed to the student making the request.

We do not offer campus housing, but there is a wide variety of housing options in the Jackson Metro area. We suggest using tools such as and to locate housing that fits your needs and budget.

Area Employment
Whether you would like to work part-time or full-time, the sprawling Metro area has a job for you. Here are a few sites to get the search started.

We may be aware of employment opportunities recently brought to our attention by someone in the local community. Please contact Student Development to check.