Pricing and Aid

We want to help you afford seminary.

The number one obstacle for people considering seminary or Bible college is the cost. At first, paying for your education can seem like an impossible challenge. But we have consistently seen students assemble the right financial pieces to find the solution. We will work with you to identify the best approach for you. In general, the four steps below help students graduate with minimal or no debt.

Step 1: Affordable Tuition

WBS has some of the most affordable tuition of any seminary in the United States

  • Undergraduate Tuition: $250/credit
  • Master’s Tuition: $550/credit
  • DMin Tuition: $600/credit

We can offer lower tuition rates than many schools because generous donors cover 50% of the cost of operating the seminary.

Step 2: Institutional Scholarships

WBS offers a wide variety of scholarships. Around 70% of current students receive institutional scholarships.

  • Merit Scholarships
  • Denominational Scholarships
  • ABHE Scholarship
  • Calling-based Scholarships

Once you are accepted, you can apply for scholarships to determine your scholarship award.

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Step 3: Church Support

Most of our students are preparing for ministry in a local church or are currently serving in that context. We encourage you to request support from your church for your educational journey. This partnership model is seen in Paul’s life and mission.

Step 4: Federal Aid

WBS is eligible to offer federal aid to qualifying students. Once you are accepted, the financial aid director will work with you to identify what aid you can receive. You will be required to complete a FAFSA to qualify for federal aid.

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