Tuition and Fees at a Glance

$40 Application Fee
$20 Application fee for auditing and special students
$50 Processing fee for Apostille and/or Authentication Services
$75 Independent study fee (per course in addition to tuition)
$200 Graduation fee
$200 Technology fee per term (4 hrs. or more)
$10 Transcript fee

$500 GMC Pastoral Certificate Tuition per class

$550 Tuition per M.Div./M.A. term hour
$40 Thesis fee
$25 Deferred payment fee for M.Div./M.A. per term
$545 Master’s Thesis Continuation Fee (per term beginning the third term after the term in which the student has registered for the six hours of thesis credit. Applied each term—Fall, Spring, and Summer—until the student has submitted the final copy of the thesis.)

$250 Tuition per B.A. term hour
$500 Re-enrollment fee (B.A. monthly payment plan)

$600 Tuition per D.Min. term hour
$50 Deferred payment fee for D.Min. per year
$595 D.Min. Continuation (per term beginning the ninth term after matriculation)

$300 Audit fee per course