Measuring Our Work

Educational Effectiveness

Program Goal Achievement

In a 2017 exit interview, the following percentages of graduates rated the seminary as “above average” or “superior” in enabling them to fulfill the stated goals of the degree programs. (The high percentages are probably due to the small size of the graduating class.) All the students rated the first four goals.

  • Scripture: Exegete Scripture holistically in accordance with sound interpretive method and historic Christianity. 100%
  • Orthodoxy: Articulate the parameters and ongoing implications of historic Trinitarian faith. 90%
  • The Wesleyan Perspective: Explain the distinctive emphases of the Wesleyan perspective and their relationship to Scripture and Orthodoxy. 90%
  • The Transformed Life: Evidence a personal commitment to a life that is Christ-centered and submissive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and conviction, nourished by the means of grace. 95%
  • Worship: Show understanding of the theological foundations of Christian worship and an ability to lead engaging, creative worship that maintains continuity with historical and contemporary liturgies of the Church catholic. (Only for M.Div. degree.) 100%
  • Proclamation: Engage Church and culture through preaching, teaching, and personal witness. (Only for M.Div. degree.) 100%
  • Leadership: Exercise leadership in accordance with Christian ethics and priorities. (Only for M.Div. degree.) 100%
  • Spiritual Direction: Offer pastoral counsel and engage in the making of disciples. (Only for M.Div. degree.) 100%
  • Apologetics: Demonstrate the ability for a contemporary articulation of the Christian faith in critical dialogue with non-Christians. (Only for MA Apologetics degree.) 100%

Default Rate

The default rate on student loans for Wesley Biblical Seminary is currently at 10.9%, which is below the national average of 11.5% (2021)

Placement Rates

The most recent placement figures pertain to the graduating class of 2017. As of November 2017, of those who graduated with the Master of Divinity degree:

  • 67%  Had found employment in places of Christian ministry.
  • 33%  Were engaged in further study (while employed).
  • 33%  Were in non-ministry employment.
  • 0%  Were still seeking employment.

Although the Master of Arts degree is dedicated to general biblical and theological knowledge rather than to ministry, by November 2017:

  • 65% Had found employment in places of Christian ministry.
  • 6% Were engaged in further study. (while employed)
  • 29% Were in non-ministry employment.
  • 0%   Were still seeking employment.
  • 6%  Were retired.

Assessment of Academic Achievement (2018-19; 2019-20; 2020-21)

During the latest 3-year assessment cycle, the following results were reported from an analysis of 46 of graduates across three years:

In addition, WBS and The College has instituted a schedule of direct assessments that occur throughout each program. Reporting will commence when a appropriate level of data is obtained.

[1] Scores range from 1–3; determined by original essays written by graduates in RS 777 and evaluated by faculty

[2] Scores range from 1–5; determined by graduate scoring during an exit interview administered in RS 777