How WBS is Different

Our Distinctives

Come experience the difference at Wesley Biblical Seminary. We are a place where…

Where the Bible is the final Authority. WBS is unwaveringly committed to the full authority and inerrancy of Scripture. In short, we are enthusiastic inerrantists. At WBS. This means that we believe, without reservation, the Bible is without error precisely because it is inspired by God. God does not err or lead us astray; therefore, his word is entirely trustworthy and reliable. We believe that if we deny inerrancy, we make our own human minds a higher standard of truth than the Word of God itself. This commitment, you will find, is axiomatic in how we approach education and training for ministry at WBS.

Where Holiness is Essential. Because we have a high view of the Bible, we are committed to the message of holiness. We believe that salvation is more than justification. This means that the testimony that what Christ did on the cross is more powerful than what the serpent did in the garden is wrapped up in the practice and deed of WBS. We believe that the redeemed life marked by the full submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ is for the here and now while we await Christ’s return. His work on the cross is powerful enough to deliver you and me today from the power of sin.

Where Diversity Reflects the Kingdom of God. Reflecting its roots in a capital city of the Deep South, the WBS student body is wonderfully diverse. At WBS we often speak of the Trinity as unity (one) in diversity (three). So, too is humankind who is created in his image. We are all image-bearers regardless of skin color. Yet, our racial and ethnic diversity are also an expression of God’s glory and majesty, those differences a part of that unique fabric of God’s created order that he called “good.” We believe that we reflect the glory of the Trinity when we embrace, share, and celebrate both our unity as divine image-bearers and our diversity as African Americans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians—whatever our tribe. We look forward to the day when the multitude of every tribe, people, and language will worship God together in his new creation (Rev. 7:9).