Program Goal Achievement

In a 2023 exit interview, the following percentages of graduates rated the seminary as “above average” or “superior” in enabling them to fulfill the stated goals of the degree programs. All the students rated the first four goals.

  • Scripture: Exegete Scripture holistically in accordance with sound interpretive method and historic Christianity. 86% (Avg. 4.41)
  • Orthodoxy: Articulate the parameters and ongoing implications of historic Trinitarian faith. 95% (Avg. 4.45)
  • The Wesleyan Perspective: Explain the distinctive emphases of the Wesleyan perspective and their relationship to Scripture and Orthodoxy. 100% (Avg. 4.64)
  • The Transformed Life: Evidence a personal commitment to a life that is Christ-centered and submissive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and conviction, nourished by the means of grace. 95% (Avg. 4.77)
  • Worship: Show understanding of the theological foundations of Christian worship and an ability to lead engaging, creative worship that maintains continuity with historical and contemporary liturgies of the Church catholic. (Only for M.Div. degree.) 78% (Avg. 4.33)
  • Proclamation: Engage Church and culture through preaching, teaching, and personal witness. (Only for M.Div. degree.) 100% (Avg. 4.56)
  • Leadership: Exercise leadership in accordance with Christian ethics and priorities. (Only for M.Div. degree.) 67% (Avg. 4.11)
  • Spiritual Direction: Offer pastoral counsel and engage in the making of disciples. (Only for M.Div. degree.) 78% (Avg. 4.22)

Default Rate

The most recent three-year default rate (2018–2020) on student loans for Wesley Biblical Seminary is currently at 7.4%, according to the NSLDS website.

Positive Placement Rates

Positive placement is the percentage of graduates that, within one year of graduation, either received a vocational placement, received a non-vocational placement, or went on for further study.

According to the 2022 Strategic Information Report published by the Association of Theological Schools, the following placement percentages were achieved:

  • 85%- positive placements for M.Div.
  • 75%- positive placements for D.Min.
  • 100%- positive placements for all M.A.s
  • 90%- overall placement rate for 2022

Retention Rates


2021-2022 [1]

  • Retained- 50%
  • Graduated- 7%
  • Overall- 58%


  • Retained- 56%
  • Graduated- 16%
  • Overall- 64%

Undergraduate [2]


  • Retained- 22%
  • Graduated- N/A
  • Overall- 22%


  • Retained- 50%
  • Graduated- N/A
  • Overall- 50%

Overall (Undergraduate and Graduate)


  • Retained- 48%
  • Graduate- 7%
  • Overall- 55%


  • Retained- 56%
  • Graduated- 16%
  • Overall- 73%

[1] These figures consider the conclusion of the Free Seminary initiative for the Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 terms.

[2] Program launched in Fall 2021.