Course Schedules

The course schedules for upcoming semesters are posted below as they become available.

Fall 2019

CourseProfessorCredit HoursFormatDetails
MS 612A Christian Engagement with MuslimsLittle3Online: Forum-basedFlexible time requirements.
NT 521 Greek Reading and SyntaxBoyd3Online: Real-time VideoMondays, 6-8:50pm CST
PM 700 Theology and Practice of Pastoral LeadershipFriedeman3Campus + Online: Real-time VideoMondays, 6-8:50pm CST
NT 531 GospelsBoyd3Campus + Online: Real-time VideoTuesdays, 9-11:50am CST
BT 610 Biblical Basis for Christian HolinessFriedeman3Campus + Online: Real-time VideoTuesdays, 2-4:50pm CST
OT 501 Elementary Hebrew ISchreiner3Online: Real-time VideoTuesdays, 6-8:50pm CST
OT 623 Interpreting the Poetic Books - PsalmsBoyd3Campus + Online: Real-time VideoTuesdays, 6-8:50pm CST
EV 605 EvangelismFriedeman3Campus + Online: Real-time VideoThursdays, 2-4:50pm CST
PH 610 Moral Theology and the GospelBlakemore3Campus + Online: Real-time VideoThursdays, 6-8:50pm CST
OT 622 Interpreting the Prophetic Books - IsaiahOswalt3Campus + Online: Real-time VideoThursdays, 6-8pm
ST 604 Christ, Revelation, God, and HumanityBlakemore3Campus + Online: Real-time VideoSaturdays, 8:30am-12:50pm
PM 600 Proclamation and Discipleship in the African American ChurchRhodes3Weekend Course - Campus + Real-time VideoFour weekends:
Friday evening 6-8:50pm and Saturday morning 8:30am-12:50pm CST

August 30/31; September 27/28; October 25/26; and November 22/23
OT 516A History and Interpretation of the Old TestamentSchreiner3Online: forum-basedFlexible time requirements.
HT 520A History of Christian ThoughtVan Kuiken3Online: forum-basedFlexible time requirements.
PM 641A Pastoral CounselingSillings3Online: forum-basedFlexible time requirements.
MT 501MEX Biblical TheologyLohrstorfer3Extension Course: Mexico City
RS 001A New Student OrientationStaff0Online: forum-basedFlexible time requirements.
RS 001MEX New Student OrientationStaff0Online: forum-basedFlexible time requirements.
Seminary community worship0CampusWednesdays, 10-10:30am
DS 599 Discipleship Group0
DS 600_1 Spiritual Formation Practicum 11
DS 600_2 Spiritual Formation Practicum 22
DS 600_3 Spiritual Formation Practicum 33