Opportunities for individualized research topics

M.Div. Honors Research

The Master of Divinity Teaching program provides the opportunity for students to develop research skills and focus on topics that align with the students’ research interests. The MDiv as a whole equips students with a comprehensive understanding of Scripture, a solid grounding in theology, biblical study tools, and key practical ministry skills. Students will graduate from the program with the ability to interpret Scripture, contextualize the gospel, and shepherd their community. This program does not lead to any type of teaching license.

3-5 years

program length





MDiv Honors Research courses

Biblical Studies30
OT 516Old Testament History and Interpretation3
NT 512New Testament History and Interpretation3
BS 501 Inductive Bible Study I3
BS 512Inductive Bible Study II3
HEB 501Elementary Hebrew I3
HEB 512Elementary Hebrew II3
GRE 501New Testament Greek I3
GRE 512New Testament Greek II3
GRE 621 or HEB 621Greek or Hebrew Reading and Syntax3
GRE 732 or HEB 732Greek or Hebrew Exegesis3
Theological Studies 18 credits
BT 501Biblical Theology3
ST 604Christ, Revelation, God, and Humanity3
ST 605Salvation, Holy Spirit, Church, and Last Things3
ST 619Theology of John Wesley3
HT 520History of Christian Thought 3
ST 606Theology of Christian Holiness3
Philosophical Studies6 credits
PH 610Moral Theology and the Gospel3
AP 501Foundations of Apologetics3
Formational Studies7 credits
DS 505Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 4
DS 520The Discipling Church3
Ministry Studies6 credits
PM 700Theology and Practice of Pastoral Leadership3
EV 605Evangelism3
Research Concentration21 credits
RS 505Techniques of Research3
RS 780Thesis & Research6
Research Electives12

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