Bill Ury Teaches in Doctor of Ministry Program

Dr. Bill Ury returned to Wesley Biblical Seminary to teach the first class in a two-week Doctor of Ministry intensive. The class, which was part of the fall-winter Doctor of Ministry semester, focused on Wesleyan spirituality and its relationship with cultural transformation.

“[We examined] how the Wesleys engaged people with the order of salvation–from prevenient grace to sanctifying grace,” Ury said, “but always with a focus on reaching out beyond themselves.”

Dr. Ury, along with his wife Diane, was recently named National Ambassador for Holiness with the Salvation Army. The new appointment comes after Dr. Ury spent years as a pastor and decades before that as a professor at Wesley Biblical Seminary.

The combination of academic background and practical experience makes Dr. Ury a perfect fit to teach in the Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership for Transformation Ministry at Wesley Biblical Seminary.

“We are tremendously excited to have Dr. Bill Ury teach in our Doctor of Ministry program,” said Dr. Chris Lohrstorfer, vice president for academic affairs. “He has been a significant voice in the Wesleyan-Holiness movement for decades, and it is a privilege for our students to learn from him.”

Dr. Ury observed that this Doctor of Ministry cohort was one of the best doctoral classes in which he has participated. “This class was right at the top in terms of their engagement, their interest, their love for the topics, their willingness to be taught,” he said.

The Doctor of Ministry students are continuing their intensive with a class in Sacramental Spirituality and Disciple-making Leadership.

To learn more about the Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership for Transformational Ministry, click here.

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