Privacy Policy

Wesley Biblical Seminary is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our students. Information given to us by the student will remain confidential and will not be released to any third parties unless they are acting jointly with us or if required by law. Voluntarily submitted information is used only to provide users with information regarding admissions, or to facilitate the admissions, registration, and enrollment process. WBS may use a third-party vendor to identify emails belonging to website visitors, when visitors have opted in to the vendor’s network. The Seminary has taken active steps to provide up-to-date security measures for web-based submission of sensitive information such as identification numbers and credit card transactions. maintains an active SSL certificate for portions of the site that collect and exchange such information. The site also maintains a block on web crawlers and robots that may potentially and inadvertently gather such information.

However, WBS cannot be responsible for end-user issues such as browser security or inattentive browsing habits. For maximum security when using the secured portions of, work from a personal rather than public computer and keep your browser, anti-virus, and firewall software updated. If you are working from a public computer, do not leave the computer unattended while logged in, and close the web browser when finished using these sites.

Campus Safety and Security Data

Click here to view Wesley Biblical Seminary’s campus safety and security data.

National Center for Education Statistics

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*For other policies, please see the student handbook located here.

Title IX Policy

Click here to view Wesley Biblical Seminary’s Title IX Policy.

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund

WBS has received grant money from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF), which was established as part of the CARES act. The vast majority of this money will be used by WBS for student grants and scholarships.

The following quarterly reports outline how WBS has disbursed HEERF funds.

Quarterly HEERF Report (6/30/21)

Quarterly HEERF Report (3/31/21)

Quarterly HEERF Report (12/31/2020)

Quarterly HEERF Report (9/30/2020)