Auditing: A "Full Step Into Study"

May 16, 2017

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An interview with Jim Smith of Fairborn, OH:

Tell us about your auditing experience.

So far, I have audited one course with WBS–MS612S: A Christian Introduction to Islam and Engaging Muslims. I joined with the WBS students who met at the Indiana campus, which meant that this class involved a time and travel commitment of four Friday/Saturday weekends in four months. Though the time and travel commitment added to my already full schedule, it gave me an enforced structure for an area of study I desired to accomplish (something which assists me in my study). The classes and the readings engaged and fed both my mind and my soul.


What did you gain from auditing?

Through the classes and the reading, I gained an excellent beginning understanding of Islam–a religion that I think we Christians need to know and understand better, for Islam not only remains in the news, it also now lives down our streets. This class has sparked further study for me as I search for fuller understanding of this religion.


How will what you have learned benefit you personally and/or in ministry?

I have already taught some of what I have learned, and such teaching has helped to decrease both ignorance and fear of this religion as well as my Muslim neighbor. In our fear-dominated culture, such an impact has been deeply helpful in making us more like Christ in our response to and engagement with our world.


What would you tell someone who is unsure if he/she should audit or not?

I would tell them to try it. Such a step is like a half-step into the world of academia, yet it is a full step into study. 


What could be done to improve the auditing experience?

The only suggestion I have at this point in time is: make more (or all) of WBS courses available for audit.


Anyone–whether you have an undergrad degree or not–can audit classes at WBS for personal and ministry enrichment! Campus classes are open for audit for a very reasonable fee ($150 in Jackson, $300 in Greenwood). Auditors have access to the content and materials for the class without the homework and grade requirements. The application is simple and straightforward. Simply apply here as a non-degree student! Email admissions with any questions you may have about becoming an auditor at WBS!

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