From Conduct Disorder to Ordination

October 20, 2023

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From Conduct Disorder to Ordination: Cadian Kerr’s Story

Cadian Kerr is a WBS student and recipient of the Global Pastors Initiative Scholarship, also known as the Shepherd Project, which supports international students who might not otherwise be able to study with us. Recently he shared this testimony:

“I got saved as a teenager and am convinced that I would be dead, in prison, or a fugitive based on my life’s path at that time. I suffered from what is labeled “Conduct Disorder;” consequently, at age 14, I could not read. However, by age 18, through the Lord’s grace and mercies, I could pass CXCs [Caribbean Examinations Council] and SSCs [Secondary School Certificate] and matriculated into Teachers’ College, pursuing a diploma in Guidance and Counseling.

Cadian Kerr with family

Rev. Cadian Kerr with his family.

“During this time, the hands of the Lord were on my life significantly, and many individuals confirmed that they sensed the calling of the Lord on my life. However, I was not convinced. I wanted to be a professional in the church, someone who teaches Sunday School, and a lay leader, but not in the pastorate.

“Before accepting the call to the Ministry, I served in every department within my local church except in the ladies’ ministry. In October 2005, my local pastor, Rev. Kenneth Smith, appointed me to speak one Sunday while he was on vacation. While preparing, I felt an overpowering conviction, so divine and tangible that I could only say ‘YES, Lord; I will go.’ In 2008, I accepted the challenge to assist my pastor with a Mission Project. I spent five years there.

“The challenge I was experiencing was that although I was trained in guidance and counseling in education, I had no theological or pastoral training. I was hungry to complete this training, especially when I was appointed as a bi-vocational pastor in 2014.

“It was a blessing when I was exposed to the opportunity to study at Wesley Biblical Seminary. Since being admitted to WBS, every area of my life has been affected positively, from personal growth and commitment to the Lord to family life and church ministry. I lead from an informed position and minister from a deeper theological perspective.

“In January of 2023, I was promoted in the ministry to the highest ministerial rank in my denomination. I know that the training at WBS has contributed to this.

“I am so grateful for all who helped make the studies at WBS possible. Thank you so much to those who contributed to the Shepherds Project! Please pray for me that I will experience more of God’s grace for even more impact in my ministry.”

Watch a video of Cadian sharing a portion of this testimony at his denominational national conference on YouTube.

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