Lenten Devotional - Thurs, March 17

March 17, 2022

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Lent 2022



Day 15

Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. – Rev 2:10

As we focus, prepare and repent this lenten season we cannot forget the examples of surrender that resonate within our hearts and minds.

One of those examples is Chuck Colson, who illustrates the power of Christ to redeem all sinners. Colson was an aid for President Richard Nixon in the late 60s who proudly wore the badge as “Nixon’s Hatchet Man”. But this highest of high achievers—-Ivy League education, Marine officer and right hand man of the most powerful person in the world—-faced a humiliating fall for his part in what is called “The Watergate Scandal”.

Shortly before Colson’s arrest, Thomas Phillips, Chairman of the Raytheon Corporation, gave him a copy of the Christian classic, Mere Christianity. Now, with Colson’s brilliant mind focused, it was the words of C.S. Lewis and the Holy Spirit that pulled Colson into the light.

After accepting Christ as His Lord and Savior, Colson made his plea, entered prison and there, the Lord moved Colson’s heart to reform the system. Prison Fellowship was born and the saving grace of Christ was brought behind bars around the world. The fruit continues to flourish through this ministry. Colson, once among the most feared and hated men in politics, was redeemed in the eyes of Christ and man.

Ah, what a temptation. The false gods and idols of worldly success—-even in the form of ministry—-have tripped up countless men and women. Colson never forgot that temptation. This daily reminder was in his office at eye level until his death a decade ago: Faithfulness Not Success.

During this time of preparation, even those of us who haven’t started a world-changing ministry must remember to hold closely our faithfulness for Him. We are to take stock, pray and focus:

What is it that threatens to take our attention away from the Lord and towards “success” on this day?

How can we be more faithful every day for Him?

How can we make sure Faithfulness Not Success is more than just a nice motto for living?

Dear Heavenly Father, may we never forget all You gave in order for us to live for You. May we not grub along for the success this world offers and instead be moved to faithfulness for You and Your call.

Stuart Kellogg

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