WBS and OKWU Celebrate Collaborative Relationship at Dinner

November 10, 2017

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Wesley Biblical Seminary and Oklahoma Wesleyan University celebrated their collaborative relationship to provide world-class Wesleyan biblical and theological education, at a dinner on OKWU’s Bartlesville, Okla., campus. WBS alumni, OKWU professors and students, supporters, and administrative representatives from WBS and OKWU participated in the dinner.

The dinner marks another milestone in the relationship between the two institutions which was first announced in the spring of 2017. The collaborative agreement is being implemented in new educational offerings by both institutions. In August, 2018, WBS will begin offering all of its master’s-level degrees through OKWU’s campus in Tulsa, Okla. OKWU expects to soon begin offering an undergraduate degree-completion program for ministry at WBS’ main campus in Jackson, Miss.

At the dinner, the presidents of both institutions spoke about their shared commitment to the biblical and theological education that is grounded in a high view of Scripture and shaped by a Wesleyan theological orientation.

“At Wesley Biblical Seminary, we are excited about what God is doing through these sister institutions,” said Dr. John Neihof, president of WBS. “We are excited to join with OKWU to provide biblical education as the only Wesleyan seminary in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area.”

Dr. Piper emphasized WBS’ shared commitment to OKWU’s four pillars that provide the foundation for the school: the primacy of Christ, the priority of Scripture, the pursuit of truth, and the practice of wisdom.

“Why do we align with Wesley Biblical Seminary?” Dr. Piper asked. “Because I don’t know any other seminary that is as passionate about the four pillars as Wesley Biblical Seminary.”

Dr. Piper highlighted Wesley Biblical Seminary’s commitment to the inerrancy of Scripture as a key reason for the partnership between the institutions. He urged students to attend WBS, because “they believe in the inerrancy of Scripture…and they are going to teach you how to defend that [position].”

Several WBS alumni, who now work at OKWU, shared about the transformative impact that WBS had on their lives. Dr. Mark Weeter, dean of the school of ministry and Christian Thought at OKWU, and Dr. Jerome Van Kuiken, associate professor of philosophy and religion, emphasized the quality of education and the faculty mentoring at WBS.

“WBS and OKWU are committed to providing education that shapes the mind and transforms the heart,” said Dr. Neihof. “This relationship allows both institutions to expand that shared mission.”

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