Spring 2022

Ideological Threats to the Church

Churches in America are being confronted by ideologies that threaten to pervert the gospel and destroy faith. Many church leaders–both pastors and laypeople–are underprepared for the ideological threats that are already decaying the foundations of their churches.
This course will prepare you to understand and respond to secular ideologies that can undermine the foundation of your church’s faith and witness.
Topics addressed will include transhumanism, homosexuality and transgenderism, progressive Christianity, critical theory of various types, and other ideological threats to the church.

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Jan 10-April 30

Course Professor

Dr. Blakemore contributes to the faculty with ranging versatility as a pastor and philosopher. He spent fourteen years pastoring in the local church and four years as college chaplain and adjunct professor of religion and philosophy at Hiwassee College and Northeast State Community College in Tennessee.  Dr. Blakemore is committed to thinking deeply about “the faith once delivered to the saints” in order to strengthen Christ’s church and to communicate the Gospel in the contemporary world. He and his wife, Carolyn, have four sons.

Content Overview

The course will begin with a 3-4 week survey of what a Christian worldview actually entails regarding human nature, human existence, human destiny, and what it means to believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fulness.  

Across the next 7 weeks, the course will examine major intellectual developments that confront the church and are leading many people into error and even heresy. 

    1. Transhumanism — the endeavor to apply technology and evolutionary principles to “transcend” our human limitations.
    2. Critical Theory — the philosophy that is rooted in cultural Marxism and seeks to separate people according the the experiences of their lives.
    3. Progressive Christianity — a theology that is focused on negating to historical connections to orthodox faith and redefine the faith in the light of ethical and sociological “needs.” 
    4. The philososphy of “self-creation” or subjective identity, including homosexual identity studies and transgenderism.
    5. Equity-ism–the claim that the Christian faith is fundamentally about equality of outcomes between people and group and t he reduction of human caring for the disadvantaged to a political issue that does not require personal engagement with the needy.

In the final few weeks, the course will develop an intellectual and spiritual strategy for addressing the challenges these ideas present to the Church’s commitment to Biblical faith and mastering ways of dialogue that can help confused Christians become re-established in a clear orthodox understanding of our share human existence in the world before God

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