WBS Partners with the John and Charles Wesley Center

Wesley Biblical Seminary is announcing its partnership with the John and Charles Wesley Center (JCW Center). The JCW Center is a new Wesleyan think-tank of scholars who are producing a wide variety of resources to serve the broader church. Founded by Dr. Steve Blakemore, professor of Christian thought at WBS, the center will prominently feature WBS faculty.

The JCW Center will have a focus not only on current issues but also on equipping new generations with the Wesleyan message. “The JCW Center is going to begin to produce resources that are specifically geared toward reaching the Millennial and Generation Z audience,” Explained Dr. Blakemore. “In many instances, these younger generations not been adequately exposed to a winsome and compelling Christian witness.”

The JCW Center will also serve as a platform for WBS faculty to share their teaching and insight through a variety of creative online and printed resources. This relationship will support the mission of the JCW Center and highlight the contribution of WBS to the broader Christian conversation.

“Wesley Biblical Seminary is committed to moving the holy life from a concept to a reality for our students and all those who look to us for leadership,” said Dr. John Oswalt, interim president at WBS. “That was what the ministry of John and Charles Wesley was about, and consequently the work of the JCW Center will be a great resource for the Seminary.”

The JCW Center has WBS connections beyond the contributions of the seminary faculty. Isaac Blakemore, who serves as executive director of the JCW Center, is also a current WBS student. Isaac has experience in youth ministry and media as well as his academic experience at WBS. He has been instrumental in the development, vision and founding of the center, and was strategically selected as the executive director help the organization focus on reaching Millennials and Generation Z with the Wesleyan message.

The JCW Center has already begun publishing a series of videos called Seminary 360 that feature WBS faculty. Watch one of these videos, featuring Dr. Rick Boyd on the topic of “Human Nature vs. Christian Nature”, below.

The JCW Center has plans to develop and publish new resources for Christian discipleship that can be used by local churches. These resources will have a particular focus on helping people gain a deeper Christian and a stronger passion for Christ.

“WBS gives a gravitas to the JCW Center, and the center gives a platform to the seminary,” said Dr. Blakemore. “I’m excited to see how God uses these efforts to make disciples and grow God’s Kingdom.”

To learn more about the work of the JCW Center, visit https://jcwcenter.org/.

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