WBS Professor Delivers Chaney Lectures at Central Christian College

April 13, 2018

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Dr. David Schreiner, assistant professor of Old Testament at Wesley Biblical Seminary, was the keynote speaker for the Chaney Lectures at Central Christian College. The annual lecture series examines topics connected with vital faith. For this year’s lectures, Schreiner examined the relationship between archaeology and biblical studies.

“Archaeology is something that I have always been interested in because of its close relationship to history, particularly biblical history,” Schreiner said. “[A]rchaeology has been a critical ingredient for the development of my faith and scholarship.”

Schreiner has focused on the intersection of biblical studies and archaeology extensively in his research and writing projects. One of his current research projects is a commentary on 1 and 2 Kings which synthesizes biblical history and archaeology.

“Evangelicals traditionally put a premium on Israel in the context of God’s revelation—via its texts and its history,” Schreiner said. “However, ancient Israel was a culture totally different than many modern cultures….Archaeology provides clarification on aspects of that ancient culture, which in turn provides illumination for elements of the Bible that are otherwise very confusing.”

In addition to Schreiner’s expertise in the area of archaeology, he also shares a connection with Central Christian College. Central Christian College is a college for the Free Methodist Church of America, the denomination in which Schreiner is a member.

“Dr. Schreiner models the proper balance of a scholarly mind and an engaged heart,” said Dr. Chris Lohrstorfer, vice president for academic affairs. “Wesley Biblical Seminary is proud to have professors like Dr. Schreiner who speak from their expertise to the broader church.”

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